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  一)一、send true pieces advice breath二、CBBAABCCCC三、BBAACCBCCB
  四、improving counting Have visited have finish eighth 五、writed down (enjoy yourself) has been send ask for六、Where have you been? What did you do there? What are they about? Yes,it is. How is it?七、DCBAB FTFTF 八、travelling been likes has took both enjoy dilicious had haven't
  (二)一、flew center planet sold fell 二、(has gone) (have worked) didn't (to play) (have watched)三、experience invited tried prize enter 四、CCABDADCBA 五、CABCDCBCDD 六、(heard of) (look after) (on earth) (was doing) (grow up)
  七、What is it? How did he came back? The Project Hope has raised much money.
  Can they learn well? Good idea.八、Because it has everything we need to live. No,it isn't. Because they are far from us. Eight. Yes,they do.ABBCC九、teacher school children men's answer happened heard becomes older
  (三)一、country Suddenlly serious composer across 二、BCDABADCCA 三、ABCADAABDA
  四、worried (was reading) is (to kill) (to be) 五、proud of felt sad afraid of taking live on to invite
  六、How can I get to school? how can get to school(没打错,就是写两遍)Is it far form there?
  How can I get to there? Thank you 七、DCDCC CCBC
  八、from care away lonely quiet take enjoy holiday journey because
  (四)一、matter smells soft introduce tight 二、BCAACABABD 三、ABCCDABCAD
  四、lovely gets (to teach) (to take) have losed 五、fell with takes place can't speak hear singing take photos
  六、 Who is he? When was he born? How long had he played? When did he start to play? Yes,he did.
  七、DBABC DCADB 八、thinks places found putting came quiet opened watches other
  (五) 一、opposite between centre market Chairman 二、BBABCABBAB
  三、tell turn far minutes way next about Which thanks pleasure 四、BCABCACBBB
  五、EDABC 六、quite because quiet other mistakes
  (六) 一、protect danger reserve sure peace 二、AABBABCCBA 三、CBAABBCCBB
  四、surprisal laugh (to read) (to catch) using
  五、Can we planting trees tomorrow? How do you know it? Where is your home? See you later
  六、BABCD present important Another polite use ask make sorry broken forgive
  七、white only age However getting danger built for live
  (七) 一、(to come) lost impossible famous sent 二、ABCACBCACA
  三、been (I haven't) famous Opera drink think Can who read writer
  四、holiday Sunday On honor wishes lived love letters mothers 五、People's Square 120,000 six library Saturdays
  When was he born? 像一个小男孩一样,他过着愉快的生活 O▪Henry was believed to have stolen money
  It made readers very surprised. 六、about koalas has where care build No than baby big
  (八) 一、lost impossible asked exciting customers 二、ACBAACCCAA
  三、What is she like? What is he look like? Can I make friend with he? How is she? Oh,I'm sorry to hear that.
  四、can't depend on It's pleased may be cold It's possible Make sure
  五、ACBCCCBACC 六、ABCCA in He can't speak English. The waiter soon brought a cup of tea to him. (to drink) C
  物理答案:p1.振动 声带 空气 风 300 高 大 声源 入耳 传播 保护环境 影响休息和学习 AADBBAC P3 乙 振动 固体 响度 音调 减少噪音 响度 音色 音调 声波 能量 476 振动 响度 丙 甲 ACCDB 闹钟不响了 真空不能传声 略 每秒640米 光年 光的直线传播 3*10的8次方 慢 反射 反射 6 0 120度 4.05*10的8次方 日食 ADAA 画图略 P7 60度 0度 40度 直线 月亮 光路可逆性 反射角 变小 BCDDC 画图略 13.由长变短再变长 P9真空 3*10的8次方 空气>水>玻璃 由长变短再变长 7 牛顿 色散 1 2 相等 入射角 FH HD HB BDCA 光的直线传播 平面镜成像 光的折射 画图略 P11 45度 60度 凹面 会聚 凸面镜 发散 光的直线传播 三原色 太阳 红 黑 DADABD 【光从空气斜射入不同介质折射角度不同 折射角小于入射角】 物 因为蜡烛在燃烧样子会改变 13正立放大的虚像 近 30 凸 80 实 10 同一高度 对照 0 远离 凸透 会聚 BBACAA 凸透镜 光屏 同一水平面 10 向左 缩小 倒立 实 向右 放大 倒立 实 不成像 正立 放大 虚像 焦距 用刀把冰削成凸透镜会聚阳光起火 P15 凸透 倒 实 大于2f 倒立 缩小 实 照相机 晶状体 视网膜 厚 强 前 凹 40cm CAABB 20 猜想3是对的
  P19 1 13 升华 熔化 液化 凝华 凝固 汽化 液化 固 上升 固液共存 不变 液 上升 6 48 温度 增加 真空 压缩体积 CBCCBA 吸热降温制冷 P21 连线100 36.5 0 105 -10 24 升华 酒精 -2 升华 凝华 液化 小水滴 BCAAC 因为酒精的凝点比水银低煤油的沸点比酒精的沸点高 同种 适当 画图略 因为黑色能吸七色的光 P23 液化 融化吸热 蒸发吸热 低 凝华 吸 BABBAC 综合能力题BADEC 外面冷里面热里面的水蒸气液化在内侧反之外面热里面冷外面的水蒸气液化在外侧 P25 并联 串联 电 负 正 等于 短路 C a A 1780m 支路 正 负 0.24 0.54 1.2 2.7 CDDBDCC 摩擦发生了静电 P27 正 负 正 1比150 串 200m 把电导入地下 正负接线柱接反了 试触较大的接线柱 0.5A DBBB 结论 正确 错误不填 多实验几组避免偶然性 电流过大 正负接线柱接反了 变少 画图略 P29 L1L2L3 串 L1L2L3 并 L3 0.2A 0.2A 串流电路电流相等 A3
  A2 A 0.4A 0.5A 1.5A BBBCD 画图略
  P1,95度 ∠C=∠D 74度 1 P3,8.∠B=∠D AB=FD 9.AC=BD AO=BO OC=OD ∠A=∠B ∠C=∠D ∠AOC=∠BOD
  ∠AOD=∠BOC 10.BE=CF 11.2CM 2CM 12.△ABD=△ACE
  P5,6 375 35° ∠B=∠DEF或AC=DF 70° P7,01001 15 30°
  P9,关于x轴对称 90 (-1,2) 略 P11,12cm 70 30° 2a+6 55度 1
  P13,正负2 7m < 0、根号2 0.6 P15,根号2-根号5 根号5-根号2 5 1 4 0、1 ><
  P17,S=100π-r²π 0<r<10 y=4x 二分之三、1 y=50+4x(x大于或等于0) -1、12、18、14、8、自己编
  P19,-1 (6,0)(0,3) 9 k>0 2,≠-1 6 0 四分之三 20,4+4n
  P21,2 3 < 100,甲,8,-2小于或等于k<0 11 y1>y2
  P23,>-2 <-2 =-2 小于或等于2 x=三分之四 y=1 >-3 <-3
  P25,大于或等于负三分之五且不等于4 y=x (1,0) 负三分之八 2 y=三分之一x—4或y=负三分之一x—3 k甲>k乙 x>-1