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sin80-√3cos80-2sin20的值是多少 Why do you want to get your shoes____(mend) sin80等于多少? Why don't you get him to mend your shoes?Why don't you _____your shoes______?同义句~怎么改啊 《庄子·徐无鬼》怎么翻译 why和what的用法 英语翻译庄子送葬,过惠子墓.顾谓从者曰:“郢人垩慢其鼻端,若蝇翼.使匠石斫之,匠石运斤成风,听而斫之,尽垩而鼻不伤;郢人立不失容.宋元君闻之,召匠石曰:‘尝试为寡人为之.’匠石曰: 从句中WHAT WHICH WHY 和 HOW 的用法和区别比如he always thinks of ____ he can do more for the people 这里为什么填how而不是what?再比如___you have done might do harm to other people.这里为什么填what 而不是which?又比 《庄子·徐无鬼》译文皇帝将见大隗~称天师而退.(这一小截的译文)问涂焉的涂,皇帝再拜稽首的再,读后的启示.害群之马现在用来比喻什么? what about……和why don`t you……的用法和区别?爱问知识人后便接什么?动词或什么词,如果是动词,加什么形式? 《害群之马——庄子·徐无鬼》的古文、译文 why don't you ; why not ; what about 三者的区别与用法 The skirt is very expensive.It's made of silk.(合并成定语从句) We did a survey of what movies studentslike watching.翻译 What is the purple skirt [make]of?Silk.括号内适当形式填空 Why don‘t you like geography because it’s difficult and boring 为什么Why don‘t 而不是Why do?还有为什么是because it’s 的 it’s 是这中形式? What is the Chinese Tang costume made ()?Silk.A:of B:from 选哪一个,为 请大家给我起个带绅士风度英文名,我叫庄建谢谢哦,不要一般人用的什么的.我要那个英语名字符合我的名字.而且我还要这名字带绅士的.由于可能以后都用这个名字,请大家慎重~谢谢.有多少 sin100π怎么算 cos1000π怎么算具体步骤 有一个男生,很英俊有教养,有绅士风度,就像《猫的报恩》里的男爵猫.可以有合适的英文名送给他吗? SIN100的函数值怎么算 the little girl doesn't like the medicine because it tastes ()A good Bwell C terrible D swat 为什么选那个? 爱国主义 手抄报内容少点的 they organised a committee ____7members to solve the problemA.consisted of B.consists of C.made up of D.making up of 爱国板报有何内容可写? 有一首儿歌有一句是 来吧来吧我们一起做游戏 这首歌叫什么名字 执政重点用英语怎么说 Your shoes are dirty .Plaese ( )them with a brush ---Alan,_____but look at your shoes.I hope you can wipe them clean before you enter the room.---Oh,sorry.I did not realize they are that dirty.A.I hate to have to say this B.I love you so mush 选什么?为什么? 英语翻译 英语翻译Love cannot be satisfied by beauty alone;you're more than beautiful and that's why I love you. 英语翻译